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General conditions of use of the site: mytracks-builder.com

ARTICLE 1 : Objet

The present “general conditions of use” relate to the legal framework of use of the mytracks-builder.com site and its services.

This contract is concluded between:
The site manager, hereinafter referred to as “the Publisher”,
Any natural or legal person wishing to access the site and its services, hereinafter referred to as “the User”.

The general conditions of use must be accepted by all Users, and their access to the site constitutes acceptance of these conditions.

ARTICLE 2 : Legal Notices

For legal persons:
The mytracks-builder.com site is published by the company MY TRACKS, Individual Company, whose registered office is located at Boerevest 14 – 4611 EP – Bergen Op Zoom (Netherlands).
The company is represented by Bonici Yann.

For individuals:

The mytracks-builder.com site is edited by Bonici Yann, domiciled in Boerevest 14 – 4611 EP – Bergen Op Zoom (Netherlands).

ARTICLE 3 : Responsibility of the User

The User assumes full responsibility for the use he makes of the information and content on the mytracks-builder.com site

ARTICLE 4 : Responsibility of the Editor

Any malfunction of the server or the network cannot engage the responsibility of the Publisher.
Likewise, the site cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure or the unforeseeable and insurmountable fact of a third party.

The mytracks-builder.com site undertakes to implement all necessary means to guarantee the security and confidentiality of data. However, it does not provide a guarantee of total security.
The Publisher reserves the right to not guarantee the reliability of the sources, although the information published on the site is deemed reliable.

ARTICLE 5 : Intellectual property

The contents of the mytracks-builder.com site (logos, texts, graphics, videos, etc.) are protected by copyright under the Intellectual Property Code.
The User must obtain the authorization of the site editor before any reproduction, copy or publication of these various contents.
These can be used by users for private purposes; all commercial use is prohibited.
The User is fully responsible for any content he uploads and he undertakes not to harm a third party.
The Site Editor reserves the right to freely moderate or delete content posted by users at any time, without justification.

ARTICLE 6 : Personal data

mytracks-builder.com guarantees respect for the privacy of the user, in accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms.

Under Articles 39 and 40 of the Law of January 6, 1978, the User has the right to access, rectify, delete and oppose his personal data. Note that no personal data is collected to access the mytracks-builder.com site which is completely free to access.

ARTICLE 7 : Hypertext links

The domains to which the hypertext links on the site lead are not the responsibility of the Publisher of mytracks-builder.com, which has no control over these links.
It is possible for a third party to create a link to a page on the mytracks-builder.com site without the express permission of the publisher.

ARTICLE 8 : Evolution of the general conditions of use

The mytracks-builder.com site reserves the right to modify the clauses of these general conditions of use at any time and without justification.

ARTICLE 9 : Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

This contract depends on French law.
In the event of a dispute not resolved amicably between the User and the Publisher, the courts of Paris are competent to settle the dispute.